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Viktor's mother is dying. When he returns after a visit in the home she stays in, he encounters a former colleague, Ana. At home he becomes estranged from his wife Fine who makes futile efforts to reach her husband. 

During his encounters with Ana, Viktor feels her desire more and more to the point he succumbs. The estrangement of his wife is complete. But the affair with Ana brings no solace either. 

Viktor is lost and restless and shuts down emotionally. Meanwhile, his mother is slipping away little by little. 

A movie about the thin line between love and lust and the eternal search for solace.


Title Viktor

Status completed

Genre drama


Cast Rudolf Segers, Inge Paulussen, Elise De Vliegher 

Photography Stijn Vanwing

Editing Joachim Dejonghe, Dries Derycke 

Sound design Ruud Poppe, Chiel Loos

Technical specs

Running time 40'

Aspect ratio 16:9

Sound format Dolby Digital


Director Joachim Dejonghe

Producers Joachim Dejonghe

Writers Joachim Dejonghe 

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